Hiking to Lake Agnes & The Big Beehive In Lake Louise

One of the Classic Hikes in Lake Louise, the Big Beehive offers one of the most incredible views of Lake Louise that you can find. We took lifelong Banffite, Darren Gerrie, along to get a local’s perspective of the hike. 

The 2014 Lake Louise Fall Festival runs this September 5th to October 5th. It’s filled with interpretive hikes, photography classes, culinary events, a Casey Anderson presentation on living with bears, canoeing, yoga and a whole lot more. Full schedule and more information here.

lake agnes teahouse zizka fall fest scaledLake Agnes Teahouse. Photo-Paul Zizka


The hike starts at the majestic Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, and continues to the right of Lake Louise up to Lake Agnes, just over 3 km’s of a moderate incline. From the back of Lake Agnes the trail continues to the Big Beehive, an extra 1.6 km’s of pretty views and kind switchbacks.

Aerial_Lake_Agnes_Zizka_h1_scaledAerial look at Lake Agnes & The Big Beehive-by Paul Zizka

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-Jeff Mitchell for the Real Banff



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