Banff Squirrel’s Top 10
Animals Of Banff Photos From Facebook and Instagram

December 12, 2013

The Banff ‘Crasher’ Squirrel knows photography. His photobombing stunt at Banff’s Lake Minenwanka a few years ago was a viral sensation, and led the rodent to start up a twitter account for Banff Lake Louise Tourism.

squirrel originalThe squirrel scoured through the photos shared with our Facebook and Instagram accounts, to pick out his favourite animal images and interpret the animal behaviour in this guest blog.

Banff Squirrel’s Favourite Animal Photos

#1 Bad-At-Hide-And-Go-Seek Bears

banffstagram_bear cubs behind tree_via Ramona Gasser“While momma counts to 10, the cubs fail to grasp the idea of hiding…

mike baum hiding bear…but they are waaaay better at hiding than this grizzly.” -Banff Squirrel

Photo (top) by Ramona Gasser via Instagram. Photo (bottom) by Mike Baum via Facebook

#2 Too-Many-Jalapenos Wolf

jalapeno wolf marriott_dec 2 2011 “The snow is a great remedy after some bad eating choices.” -Banff Squirrel

photo by John E Marriott

#3 Pass-Me-The-Remote Grizzly

bakergrizz jay cotterell“I know this guy personally, and he is as lazy as he looks. This was taken just outside Baker Creek Chalets on the Bow Valley Parkway a few years ago. He’s probably still lounging there.” -Photo courtesy of Jay Cotterell

#4 Traffic Rule Obeying Deer

deer at lights_oct 19 2012_jeff mitchell“They are very diligent in obeying the traffic lights, but then sometimes (below) get distracted by some of the foliage on Banff Avenue….” Photo-Banff Lake Louise Tourism (BLLT)

deer banff ave_june 26_2013_j mitchell“Nom, nom, nom…” -Photo: BLLT

#5 Content Dogs

100 k marcus cll lobby insta fb“Marcus-Director Of Pet Relations for Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise-waiting for the next guest who misses their dog to scoop him up for a walk around the lake.” Photo: BLLT

dog napping after hike_paris mclaren_mar 7 2012“After a long hike, this guy needed a nap.”  Photo by Paris McLaren, via Facebook

#6-Rude Black Bear

tongue bear_terry bilton_june 14 2012“Love this guys attitude. Sayin, ‘Ya, I’m a bear, so what are you going to do!?'”-Banff Squirrel

Photo by Terry Bilton

#7 Lynx Family Values

duane_starr_lynx_63_B“Shhhhhh…you had me at ‘get the hell off my paws’.”

This adorable lynx mom and kitten were often spotted around Lake Louise last spring.

Photographer, Duane Starr, shared this great image with us on Facebook.”

lynx_LLSA_jacqueline birk“The duo even crashed a ski run at Lake Louise, to stretch.” Photo-Jacqueline Birk via Facebook

#8 Evolving Bighorn Sheep

bighorn_legs_up“I’m telling you, I just walked into the human’s Halloween party and proceeded to eat about 8 pounds of hummus dip! You have got to try this” Photo via Lisa Vinderskov, Facebook

#9 Parks Canada Remote Camera Wolverines

wolverine_parks remote cam“I make no jokes at all about wolverines, just in case they can read. Parks Canada in Banff has some remarkable images of all animals from their remote cameras around the park. See more of them here!” -via Parks Canada

wolverine“Go ahead, call me a pine marten one more time. I dare you.”

#10 Talented Elk

elk with snow elk_oct 31_2011_by rob found“This elk was in the holiday spirit, crafting a very impressive snowelk, which is not easy for ungulates. Just try to make anything with hooves as hands and you’ll see.” Photo by Rob Found via Facebook

 squirrelbaseThanks for checking out my choices, folks, and stay tuned for some more of my favourite photo lists.

If you’re tweeting, let’s keep in touch! @banff_squirrel



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